For the installation of the BN adapters you need 3 tools.

A hammer, a pin punch and pliers.

Please read the whole installation guide before you start.

I am not responsible for any damage you might cause to your watch.





Use the pin punch and the hammer to remove the original rubber from the watch.

Put the pin punch on the hole.

There is an arrow on the back of the watch to show you in which direction the pin gets out.

Use the hammer gently to push the pin out.

As soon as the pin sticks out use the pliers to pull it out.

Watch out if the little collar comes out too, it is very tiny and easy to loose.

Put the collar back in the hole.

Attach the adapter and stick the pin back in.

Use the hammer to force the pin back in.

Be careful not to hit the watch.

A hammer with a plastic head is more save to use.

Both adapters installed.

Strap assembled.

Enjoy the watch.

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