Suppaparts Razor
The Suppaparts  Single Blade Razor in its timeless design for all of you who prefer wet shaving in the traditional way.
Why single blade razor ? There are two good reasons.
1. A single blade is not pulling your hair up like multi blade razors do and that prevents in grown hairs.
2. The double edge blades are way cheaper then the the multi blade replacements. (One pack with 5 blades is already included)
This Safety Razor is made of grade 2 titanium and its head is designed to offer your 4 different settings for the blade.
That way you can adjust it better to your skin type and hair type/length.
The total length of the Razor is 110mm.
The high strength, low weight of 75g  and outstanding corrosion resistance of grade 2 titanium makes it the most suitable material for a Razor because it is also highly anti-allergic.
This razor will last you a life time.
 Titanium Safety Razor including Fedex shipping
 US$ 90 shipped by FedEx

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